the gangs of new york quote is supposed to be in the dark, not in the back

Well, you should tell the person who made the gifset to change it, not me, because I can’t do anything about it.

How was Disneyland?! Hope you had a fabulous time!

Disneyland was wonderful! I loved it! I went to both Disneyland and California Adventure. I had always wanted to go when I was younger it was honestly like I was a kid again for the most part. It was a full on experience that my expectations were fulfilled. I went with a good friend and met up with other people when we got down there. I went on a lot of rides numerous times. I met some of my favorite Disney characters. We stayed at the parks from sun up to closing walked all day for the days we were there. It was honestly a great experience. I definitely would go again except I would rather fly there instead of driving. Thank you for asking tho! I appreciate it! :)

ooooh! Where are u going? Have a great time!!

I am going to Disneyland and California Adventure Park. I have never been to either place before so this is gonna be a blast for me. I have been a fan of Disney since I was young so I am stoked!!!

Thank you!!! I will do my best to make the most of it all.
Have a great night/ day! :)

Happy birthday! Your blog is one of my favorites:) have a great day

Thank you! You’re too kind, I bet you have an awesome blog. You have a great day as well, okay? :)

(sorry to bother you, but i think you wrote your tgs as a comment on your cabin in the woods post ps i really love your blog okay thats all)

No, you’re not bothering me. I just get busy and post when I can find time. Thank you though for telling me. I didn’t notice it till you mentioned it.

Thank you! I am happy to know that you enjoy my blog! You can talk to me, I just don’t always reply right away as of late. Sorry for the later reply.

Have a great day! :)

Hey hey. ily. ily SOOO MUCH. ily infinity.

OH WOW. Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! ILY TOOOO. I am genuinely happy you sent this to me because I honestly smiled when I read this because I had always wished someone did this for me and you did, so I thank you so much for doing this. It really made me happy more than you know. I hope you had a good day today! :)

If you watched Woody Allen, knowing about all the crap he's done, then yeah it's super easy to see how actually fucked up his movies and characters are!

I haven’t seen anything from him and I’m not gonna not watch any of his films or prejudge them because someone implanted an idea that would persuade me to think otherwise of his films.

I’m not gonna make this into a big issue because I have nothing to base off from his films since I haven’t seen any and I only know what I have seen on my dash about his personal life that has been brought up on here.

I’m not gonna talk anymore about this because people on this site take things way too seriously when all I did was state a simple opinion of what I personally think. 

If you're talking about Allen then yes, his disgusting personal life transfers to his work aka all his movies about super deep and misunderstood and unique males with strange desires. It's simple symbolism. Just the pretend deep everyone simple minded finds easy to admire

I wasn’t talking about anybody particular, it’s just in general when it comes to actors,producers,directors etc there are things that they do in their personal life that entirely separate from their works. I haven’t seen a Woody Allen film tbh so I can’t say anything about him in either case. I just notice that people automatically think I am defending him but as I said I have never seen his films although I don’t condone of his actions from what I have seen being posted.

People unfollow me because they think I condone of his actions or other people in Hollywood in thinking I support them, which is not the case. I just don’t judge someone from their personal life to their work. That’s the point I was trying to make, but obviously people take it the wrong way. I thank you for your input though. 

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where do you find the posters for your 365 films page? I was using some from one website then it said "Do Not Mass Copy" or something along the lines of that and deleted them all

To be honest, I just google image search them and find high quality posters (if I can) and try to find a medium size pic because when I put image url in the coding it re sizes it for me to the appropriate size. Usually if it says that it means the site might have the pics under copyright and had the right to remove them from your page or blank them out to not be seen.

I would honestly just google image search them because most times the search won’t pic up image results that aren’t copyright protected. If you’re not sure, I would check the site first that you’re taking the image from that way you’ll know if it’s under restrictions. I hope this helps you. :)

We have favorite films in common!! :D :D

Sweet Deal! I always like it when I post things that other people have interest in because it’s nice to know I share common interests with people. :)

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Do you have an ultimate list of ratings and movies you've seen, like on IMDb or Letterboxd or something?

Sorry, this is so late. No, unfortunately I don’t. I thought of making a letterboxd tho. If I do, I will post a link to it after I make it. :)

You're my favorite blog!

Wow! Thank you so much! I am shocked that you really enjoy what I post and how you find my blog so appealing! Have a great day/night! :)

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hey, you're great. it shouldn't take an anonymous validation to make you know how awesome you are, but here's one, anyways. your taste in film is impeccable, and you seem to have this air about you that just sits well with me. you seem like a really, really great person and I hope you're doing well. - P

Whoa! I didn’t expect this but hey thank you whoever you are. I’m happy to know that you find all of these qualities in me when I don’t always see myself this way, but it’s always re assuring when people think of me this way. I hope you’re having a good day/ night! Thank you for all these nice things you have to say! :)

"Don’t ever mistake my silence for ignorance, my calmness for acceptance, or my kindness for weakness."
— Anonymous (via fuckinq)


Well thank you! I’m glad you enjoy my blog! Have a great day! :)